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  1. 11/13/08

    Remarkable blessing to read your site for the first time today, Wed., Nov. 13th, 2008.

    Hello, Dr. Caldecott!

    I was actually researching Hans Balthasar & Adrienne van Speyr on Google, which led me to your Yuku page... and then I read your bibliography of everything on SHAKESPEARE THE PAPIST.

    After 25 years as a Pentecostal, 'Spirit-Filled', 'Born Again' Christian, ordained in Canada in 1994, this year living in Quebec City during the International Eucharistic Congress (June) coincided with a 'sea-change' in my Christianity, which had started in the Spring. The past six months have been the experience of a consuming passion for Christ and His Church.

    I was able to participate last month in a very small academic conference here, with American scholars who specialize in the works of American novelist Willa Cather, connected with her novel "Shadows on the Rock," which is a historical treatment of mid-17th century Quebec City. In this book, although to a much greater extent in her famous "Death Comes for the Archbishop," Cather's beautiful writing exudes the fragrance of a devout Catholic sensibility. Contemporary critics, however, are more comfortable with their portrayal of her as a closet lesbian (based on ungrounded assumptions), rather than as a genuine Christian convert, whose formal induction into the Episcopalian church in her late 40's, I feel, presented itself as a family-approved spiritual 'bower', which would surely only have been a temporary one... She was writing a novel based on medieval Avignon at the time of her death. Personally, I have no doubt that a profusion of blessed blossoms adorn her garland now.

    Sorry for stretching out that metaphor perhaps too far, but the impromptu nature of this note is my excuse. At any rate, a Christian commentary on Cather was not really appreciated!

    I hold no degrees at all, thanks to intrepid youthful adventurism, but I am an amateur writer, with wide interests. Every day on the internet I am discovering that my new Catholic faith is putting down roots in the most wonderful places - such as your blog.

    I have been doing quite a lot of reading lately also on the subject of 20th-century stigmata and Marian messages, as recounted by ladies both living and dead. Padre Pio is the only contemporary man I have discovered so far.

    So here I am, Cheryl Thomson in Quebec City, looking ahead to Baptism, Confirmation and my First Communion, all on one day in May 2009, at the Basilica - a few steps away from the Chateau Frontenac in Vieux-Qu├ębec.

    encroi[email protected]


    Reply from Stratford:

    Did I ever reply to your letter? My memory is terrible, and I have not been active on the Forum for a while. I don't generally use the message functions, but prefer direct email ([email protected]). Good to hear from you anyway. - Stratford
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    I'm not overly concerned but am just wondering how yuku obtained my age and gender! Jo


    Reply from Stratford:

    Not from me!

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